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Sas Jacobs is an Australian web developer specialising in web applications  training and Develop ment. She interested in using Flash with dynamic content and She have presented at a numerous International conferences relating to applications development,  XML and  scripting components. She edited the book (Flash MX 2004 Accelerated) as well as books on adobe  Photoshop and  Illustrator. She have a nice flash business web site at http://www and a personal web site at
Mark Galer is  a seniorr  lecturer in Digital Imaging i photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of University on the BA Photography program ,, and has published six titles for the International publisher (Focal Press) - -  ranging from location photography through to Photoshop skills and . Digital Imaging . He has a good commercial background in editoria; photography and is currently  contributor to magazines in the  Australia USA, and the UK. He is an Adobe beta tester for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, he is  considered as one of the leading lecturer in Photoshop training and has been appointed as an Ambassador for Photoshop training in Australia.


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Navigation Menu
This Tutorial will show you how to create a stylish navigation menu with simple steps .
STEP 1 :Crate a new project ,create anew layer and draw a rectangle  using the rectangular marquee tool. then you can fill it by any color.
STEP 2: Double click the layer to open style window. then  Apply layer style with the settings shown in the following image.
After that you should get this result

STEP 3: In A new layer Create a small  rectangle using rectangular marquee tool
Then Apply the following style to this rectangle.
You will get this result
STEP 4: Create A new layer and draw a thin rectangle in it .
Then Duplicate the same rectangle and then apply the previous style
Then In a new layer Draw a rectangle covering  all 3 shapes.
Then move this rectangle below all  3 shapes
STEP 5: Link 4 layers and from the layer palette choose "New set from linked"
Then click on the new set and click on any layer in the set and from  from the layer palette select "merge linked" OR press ctr+g
STEP 7: delete the un wanted glow from the sides by selecting the area using a rectangular marquee tool and choose edit >> clear
Then Start duplicating the layers and moving them to get this result
Then Create anew layer and draw   half a circle  using elliptical  and rectangular marquee tool
Double click the layer to open layer style window. and then  Apply layer style with the settings shown in this image
STEP 8: .Now we want to draw a hand for our button , start drawing a small rectangle and give it the same old style BUT you must change the gradient angle to 90.
STEP 9: Start drawing the button using rounded rectangle shape tool.

Apply the following settings

STEP 10: You can add your text and change the background  >you will get this final result

The End

Dr Smith





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