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Flashing Text
This Photoshop Tutorial will show you how to create a Professional flashing words  with Photoshop.


STEP 1 : Open Photoshop create anew project (640X480) with black background then select window>> character palette And adjust the settings to the following ..font to Tahoma, the font size to 45 pt, and the leading to 69.62. then Enter your paragraph and paint it with white as you see in the image
STEP 2: Open Channel palette and then click on Create anew channel button (alpha1) you will find that the work window changed to black. Then Choose Filter > Noise > Add Noise then set the Amount to 80% and the Distribution to Gaussian, Monochromatic.  
Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur from the menu at the top and set the Angle to 0 and the Distance to 999 pixels.
STEP 3:  Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the toolbox and use it to select the top-right of the image, as shown here .Then, press (Ctrl+T) to apply the Free Transform command. Drag the handles on the image to fit the size of the image to the screen.
Choose Image > Adjustments >
Auto Levels
Choose Filter > Texture > Grain  and set the Intensity to82, the Contrast to 50, and the Grain Type to Horizontal.

STEP 4: Click on the Alpha 1 channel in the Channels Palette while holding down the Ctrl key.
Click on the Layers Palette to open the palette, and click on the text layer to select it
click on the Add a Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Palette.

STEP 5: Copy The text layer then Press (Ctrl+I)  to invert the color of the mask image.
Then change the color of the text layer (copied) to  # FD6D0B
Then Change the color of the original text layer to # 5E1E00

STEP 7:.Copy the first text layer (copied) then drag and drop  its mask onto the delete button then you will watch a warning  message choose discard.
Then Open the channel palette and
select Alpha1 then Choose Image > Adjustments > Levels then Move the black and white tabs at the bottom of the histogram as shown here.


Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur from the Radius to 2 pixels.
Then Choose Image > Adjustments >
Levels from the menu at the top and move the black and white tabs
as shown here.
Then Hold the Ctrl Key and choose Alpha1 then Select the layer palette to view all layers and then choose the very top layer and click on the Add a Layer
Mask button to create a layer mask and change the color this text layer to white  And then change the layer style to the following settings.
Choose Drop Shadow And Change the Settings as follow

STEP 7: Choose the gradient tool then Set the foreground color to black  And from the option bar at the top choose the Radial
Gradient button and set the Mode to Color
Burn and the Opacity to 60%, and check

Then open the Gradient Preset Panel, and choose the Foreground to Transparent gradient Then

Select the text layer at the very top of the
Layers Palette and Then  drag it from the top-right part of the image  down to the bottom-left corner

STEP 7: Set the the foreground color to # 681700 and set the background color to black  then choose linear gradient (foreground to background) . Then, set the Mode to Normal
and the Opacity to 100%, and check Reverse. then Choose the Background layer, which is located at the very bottom of
the Layers Palette .and start dragging





Link all text layers and press (ctrl + T) and the hold  the ctrl key and start drag the handles to slant the image.

The End   

               Dr Smith

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