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Create The Earth:
This Tutorial  will show you how to draw a realistic planet like the earth But by the techniques and tricks applied in this tutorial you will be able to create numerous shapes of different planets .

Top Tutorial
Create a realistic stony text using Photoshop by the easiest way. you will get fine  end.
STEP 1 :
Create A new project and fill the background with black and create a new layer .then in the new layer draw a circle using elliptical  marquee tool .
Change the foreground layer to green and the background layer to blue (These color will determine the appearance of your planet ,and by the previous colors we will get a planet that looks like the earth).
Select filter >> render >>clouds and you can press ctrl+f to repeat the filter until you become satisfied with the result.
Then choose filter >> sharpen >>sharpen .

Choose filter >> Render >> lightening effect and adjust the settings as you see in the image:
Then choose image >> adjustment >> brightness/contrast:

STEP 3: 
Create A new layer and choose Edit >> stroke and then apply the following settings
Then press Ctrl +D to delete the selection then choose filter >> blur >> Gaussian blur and adjust the radius to 6 or 7 :
You should get this result
You See that we should apply the a lightening effect to the stroke layer  similar to what in planet layer So Choose Render >> lightening effect and apply the previous setting .
After that you will get a faded stroke at the faded area of the planet

Select The background layer and fill it with black (if you didn't) and then choose filters >> noise >> add noise and adjust settings as you see :
Then Choose image >> adjustment >> levels and adjust the settings as you will see in the following image:
To give your planet some atmospheric effects choose filters >> artistic >> water color and apply the following settings:
The final result is ::
The End   
              Dr Smith
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