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Mosaic Text
This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial will show you how to type a mosaic text by 7 steps you must follow this tutorial Step by step to get a good and painless result And you should know that this idea depends mainly on the displace filter. At the End of this tutorial you will Get this image.


STEP 1 :Create a new project  choose 640x480 . from the tool box click default foreground and background colors to make the foreground color black and the background color is white. Then choose Filters >> render >> clouds to create black and white clouds . Then choose Filters >> Clouds to apply the filter again more times. You will get the following image.


STEP 2 : Choose Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic and change  the cell size to 65  . Then Choose Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels to make the image more sharper and more focused .After that you will get the following Mosaic Image

STEP 3 : Save the image as PSD file because  we will  use it in the displace filter .Choose file >> save as  And name the file displace.psd


STEP 4: Now we want to create a white background to our mosaic layer . Copy the mosaic layer And fill the new layer with white .You can fill the new layer with white by pressing Ctr +Delete. then hid the mosaic layer.

STEP 5: Now You can Enter your text choose the horizontal type tool from the tool box And type your text as shown .then choose
Window>> Characters and change the font to Tahoma , Style to bold ,change the leading to 65 and size to 72.
Then Resize the text .Press Ctr + T to resize it and change it to a big text Like the following image
Then you must merge the text layer with the background layer .you can do that by Pressing Ctr + E when you are selecting the text layer

STEP 6: Apply the displace filter . Choose Filter >> Distort >> displace and change the parameters to 50 and 50 and then press ok and choos the displace.psd file that we have saved  it before . you will get the following result

STEP 7: Click on the hidden layer and make it visible again. Then convert its blend mode to Multiply . Then copy the mosaic layer and select the new copy and choose Filter >> Stylize >>  Find Edges And you will see a different colored edges. You should change the blending mode of this layer to multiply .

This image shows you that layer which have the edges

You should see a something like the following image

The End   

               Dr Smith

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