What is AutoPlay?

This program is one of the most wonderful programs, which recently imposed themselves in the world of design. The program is one of effective programs to make presentations and facades CDs Automatic, electronic games and computer programs. AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 is the most beautiful in CD-autoplay multimedia tools. With its intuitive workflow and drag-and-drop objects, even pure beginners can quickly achieve imaginary results. But despite its renown ease of use, AutoPlay Media Studio is a professional  development tool. In fact, it's used by millions of people to create everything from AutoRun/AutoPlay menus and CD business cards, to fully interactive training applications. With AutoPlay, your imagination is your only limit! download free books

What Can I Create With AutoPlay Media Studio?

Simply, AMS  tools  aid  you make attractive  multimedia software. While the product excels at certain tasks like making front-end browsers for CD-ROMs (i.e. AutoRun/AutoPlay menus).

Integrating diverse media types such as  sounds, images, videos, text, and flash into a single skilled presentation is what AutoPlay Media Studio does best. In fact, it's been trusted to deliver rock-solid multimedia experiences to millions of people around the world.

And The most beautiful usage of A.M.S is that you can make many Intelligent programs by  incorporation of Lua Programming language with AMS .Lua programming language is free, easy and flexible programming language. And Autoplay Media studio provides a huge library of  Lua functions ready to be  used .

  • Computer Based Training (CBT) Applications
  • Multimedia Authoring & Application Development
  • CD-ROM AutoPlay/AutoRun Menu Systems
  • Interactive Marketing Presentations
  • Computer Programs.
  • Electronic games.
  • CD Business Cards
  • Programs companies
  • Much more.
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